Transformation with HoloRising Institute

Jitendra and Pia have translated their personal awakening journey into a resource for evolutionary learning and transformation. Each program provides a deeper connection to a happy, fulfilling and purpose-filled life.

What does it take to change for good? Peak experiences, by their nature, don’t last. They are windows and reference points for possibility. What does it take to experience change that not only lasts, but continues to grow and evolve your entire life?

It requires a clear understanding of the mechanisms that currently drive us, and the knowledge, tools, insight and wisdom to think, behave and be differently.

Healing The Great Divide and Core Awakening Journey form the backbone of an all-inclusive evolutionary program that leaves no aspect of you behind. It honors and synergizes your most expanded essence with the densest expressions of your subconscious survival instinct.

Jitendra and Pia’s Healing The Great Divide and Core Awakening Journey are designed to spark, support and sustain your inner and outer transformation through the challenges of this emerging evolution.

Core Awakening Journey

Core Awakening JourneyCore Awakening Journey is a modern mystery school, synergizing ancient wisdom, new science, shamanic vision, breath and somatic process. This work is designed to deepen and expand as it unfolds with each journey through the training spiral.

Core Awakening Journey teaches you how to gain mastery of your heart as a generator of Divine Love. With guidance, your heart is able to naturally and spontaneously harmonize your body, emotions, mind and spirit in a relationship that brings balance and wholeness.

Master your heart, master your life.  

Healing the Great Divide

Healing The Great DivideAn innovative exploration into understanding and healing what actually divides us individually and collectively on every level. and how to accelerate the changes we need to make—with ourselves, with each other and our planet—in the span of your lifetime (because that's all the time we've got).

You will come to understand the power, scope and influence of your inner authority and how to embody and channel it for good. We will illuminate the internal mechanisms by which your authentic nature as a free and sovereign being has been hidden from you—and how to reclaim that freedom.

You will learn to harness the psycho-biological power of your physical heart.  It one of the fundamental keys to healing the Great Divide—the separation that centers in your physical brain and extending through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.   Read more...

Soul Body Readings with Jitendra

Intuitive Channeling and Deep Wisdom

Soul-Body ReadingsFew experiences are more inspiring and energizing than having your soul essence reflected and validated. There is a particular ecstasy and internal activation that occurs, especially when that reflection is charged with Love and honoring.  Every person, without exception, has an existential desire and need to be seen, validated, accepted and understood for who one is.

Jitendra's soul body reading unlocks your deepest essence and reveals what is hidden—often gifts, as well as what is holding you back.  Receive a soul depth reflection of your true self and how you can step further into authentic happiness, purpose, passion and joy.    Read more...

Global Heart Meditation

Global Heart MeditationGlobal Heart Meditation is a virtual gathering intended to nurture and deepen possibilities of communities at large through heart-centered, embodied meditation and transformative inquiry.

We know that lasting external shifts and changes follow the degree to which we do our internal work. Our mission is currently focused on Healing The Great Divide, illuminating and fostering awareness of the underlying dynamics that strengthen community coherence, while providing a space for creative imagining of novel solutions and actions that might feed the transformation of our society and our world.

Deeper Higher Clearer Mentoring Journey

This journey is devoted to those of you who are passionate and committed to taking your inner and outer life to the highest level of soul alignment.  Open your entire life program to re-calibration so that every aspect of you is congruent with your authentic essence.

DHC Mentoring Journey is a highly focused, intensive process that will quickly illuminate the unseen roots of what is in your way and give you a clear skillful pathway to move forward in:

    • Relationship
    • Business
    • Life Purpose
    • Spiritual Fulfillment
    • Heal Past Wounding

This is a year-long program limited to 8 participants at a time.
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Em-Body the Change

Em-body the ChangeEm-Body the Change provides transformational processes for specific changes you want to experience in your life and in your world around you.  As you identify and internally integrate (embody) the dynamics of the changes you seek externally, "magic" happens.

Embody the Change is a series of classes and workshops that focus on three categories people are most passionate about:

  1. Relationship (5 Naked Truths to Wildly Fulfilling Relationship)
  2. Spirituality (Ego to Essence)
  3. Social and Economic Change (Birthing a New [Inner] Economy)

Pia's Healing Room

Experience deep heart healing, purposeful direction and flower into your innate talent and power.  Read more...

Aloha Meditation

Harmonizing walking and sitting meditation.  Deep relaxation, presence, expanded awareness, emotional balance.  Read more...

It's Not Your Fault!

Your Instinctual Survival Zone is a powerful influence on your field of attraction.  Become conscious of this...  Read more...