…is for individuals and couples who are committed to rapid in-depth healing and resolution on specific core life challenges.  You will quickly gain a clear understanding of the deeper mechanisms that drive your issues and the knowledge, tools and insight to be, think and act differently.  Counseling programs run in 3 to 12 month cycles of 2 to 4 sessions per month, with each session lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Personalized intensive programs can also be accommodated.

…is for individuals who want full spectrum transformation throughout their life experience and possess the highest level of desire and commitment to change.  If you are one of the few with the willingness to embrace what it takes, you can reap the rewards of a revolutionary shift in perspective that puts your life on an entirely new plane of existence. Private and/or group programs run a minimum of one year and require 100% commitment and buy-in to the process.  Contact us to request an application.

 …is for individuals who want support and guidance to understand and navigate specific life situations.  Challenges in relationship, business or reassessment of life goals and direction can be clarified and solved with coaching.  Coaching programs run from 3 – 12 months per cycle on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

…is for individuals, businesses and organizations seeking guidance and facilitation in raising the level of coherence between vision, mission and culture.  Consulting with HoloRising Institute brings a deeper alignment of individual and organizational values.  The degree to which alignment of values is successfully expressed by an organization determines the health of its culture.  A rise in cultural coherence is rewarded with greater employee engagement and satisfaction, greater efficiency and productivity and higher quality customer or beneficiary relations.  Explore how your company or organization can begin to reclaim excessive losses in hours, dollars and valuable social equity.

Individual & Couple

Counseling | Mentoring | Coaching

Pia and Jitendra DarlingOne-on-one counseling and mentoring programs accelerate
and integrate your personal and spiritual evolutionary process. Clarify your life purpose and pathway for achieving your deepest fulfillment. Increase your self-awareness and capacity to more easefully grow from your most difficult challenges in relationship, career/business, creativity or health.

Counseling for couples is a sacred journey toward illuminating the best of who two people can be together, individually and in union.  Understanding the blessings within difficulty and knowing how to transform it restores passion, connection and purpose. Our desire is that you enjoy a relationship that nurtures and feeds your body, heart and soul with someone who loves you for who you are.


Consulting | Mentoring | Coaching

Jitendra consults with businesses and organizations committed to demonstrating the will and advocating the values for social responsibility while achieving their goals.

Jitendra Darling SailingOrganizational dynamics are generally a reflection of the culture established by founders and/or top level management. The value and mission dynamics held at the top level most often set the tone for organizational culture at large.  When top level drivers become internally aware and attuned to with the new dynamics they are seeking, positive changes can be made with the least resistance.

Pia's Healing Room

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Aloha Meditation

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