An Invitation From Jitendra & Pia To...


A Weekend of Transformation

Pia and Jitendra love supporting people who quest  for the relationship experience they have always imagined.

The vision you hold in your heart for your relationship is real and attainable—or you wouldn’t be having it!

No matter where you find yourself on the relationship spectrum—whether happily married and looking for deeper connection OR  cautiously waiting for the right time or person to appear in your life OR  anywhere in between—this weekend will give you the clarity and tools to take your next steps with confidence.

We passionately share our joy and wisdom to guide you toward an experience of truly happy, loving and fulfilled relationship!

Join us if you yearn to...

    • Stop recycling old hurtful patterns
    • Heal old disappointments and be re-inspired
    • Embrace more ease in loving connection
    • Feel safe and trust deeper intimacy
    • Reignite your desire for toe-curling passion
    • Feel confidence and clarity in making your relationship choices
    • Experience a happy, healthy and passionate union

Pia and Jitendra share the life-tested pathway they use on a daily basis to nurture and enrich a healthy, loving, juicy connection. They guide you with clear steps to radically upgrade your relationship experience.

What you will Learn and Experience...

    • Identify the unseen roots of chronic relationship issues
    • Love Mode vs Fear Mode in relationship—How to build your Love muscles
    • Feed the fuel that drives relationship fulfillment
    • Elegantly resolve misunderstandings at their source
    • Learn the secret of relationship stability (and  keep the passion!)
    • Enjoy deeper intimacy and companionship
    • How to stay loving in the midst of conflict

Join Us!  Register now for The SACRED MIRROR of RELATIONSHIP UNVEILED.  You deserve to be cherished and loved.

Radiant Love

~ All relationships are founded on One, the one with your Self

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