Healing The Great Divide: Introductory Experience

Coming Together for a CHANGE

Imagine people working together toward change
for the common good of all

Healing The Great Divide

What We'll Explore

    • Your vision of change for good
    • Why coming together for important change has been so hard
    • What is the cost of being divided?
    • Powerful relationship between internal and external separation
    • How to transform and heal age-old divides that prevent peace
    • Change how we change—what we can do right now
    • How we can r-evolutionize our path into the future!

An Invitation From Jitendra & Pia

We invite you and your beloved ones to attend this introductory presentation of Healing The Great Divide: Coming Together for a Change. This experiential talk/workshop will open your eyes to a new perspective on how we might come together to accomplish a just and thriving world for our children and future generations.

We will share a fresh understanding of how the destiny of the largest and most complex changes needing to happen in the world today—literally rests in your heart and mind. We'll explore how you assemble the stories and myths about who you are, and why they have been so impervious to scrutiny and change. Best of all we will unlock the doorway to how we can unleash the extraordinary power of transformation for which you are evolutionarily destined to embody.

In four short hours you will come to understand the power and influence of your inner authority and how to embody it. You will understand the internal mechanism by which you have been blinded from your authentic nature as a free and sovereign being. You will understand how

the psychological and biological power of your physical heart is your fundamental key to healing the great divide—the separation that centers in your physical brain and extends through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There is a profound relief when we realize how the vast array of separations and divisions we see in the outer world are ALL a function of this primary, inner separation which we, as humans, are destined to heal and evolve toward wholeness.

Our individual and collective success in evolving toward our highest human nature, our conscious awareness of our connection within the web of all life, depends upon skillful means and wise application of ancient knowledge made current for our present time.

Believe it or not, this entire process is not particularly complicated, nor difficult to understand. Our greatest challenge, in fact, lies in believing in who we are and aligning our will and heart's desire with our innate desire with our innate capacities, unique capabilities and endowed

genius—the special gift that we each have come to share and contribute with one another.

This Healing The Great Divide introduction is a prelude to a deep and profound restoration of dignity to our human experience. Endemically, as humans, we have yet to love our own selves without conditions, and therefore our acceptance, compassion and empathy for others has been severely compromised and limited. We are here to acknowledge the brilliance and beauty of who we are and unleash the light, love, passion and illuminated intelligence on that which requires change now—within and inextricably without. This is the good news. Change within, always and unfailingly leads to change without.

The audacity of Healing The Great Divide lies in setting sail for uncharted waters, as it were. We are applying what we know, and what has worked for decades, regarding individual transformation to systemic and institutional change. The only requirements are an adventurous spirit along with a loving heart and powerful desire to see positive outcomes to some dicey conditions.

Pia and I are honored to host the launch of an initiative that has been a full seven years in the making. Healing the Great Divide is the culmination to date of nearly 80 combined years, between myself and Pia, of focused inner work. Our lifetime of work is your gateway.

Join us for this brief soiree and see if Healing The Great Divide: Coming Together for a CHANGE fits your vision toward creating a happy, thriving and just planet. We can't say where we'll end up, but we can promise an epic journey of mythic proportions into the heart, body and soul of humanity!

With great love and respect,

Jitendra & Pia Darling

Jitendra & Pia Darling



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Appreciation For Our Work

"Most enlightening, and that is no platitude. Truly opening the heart center in a subtle, yet profound way, the ALOHA process is revelatory and an inexhaustible resource. Without a doubt, this course is not to be missed. A completely utterly real experience."
~ Walter C., Retired


"This experience overall was phenomenal ... an abbreviated/abridged version of an entire lifetime of work. Jitendra translated years of vague question and answering into a concise and direct journey.

I can only relate this experience of being held in unconditional love to the experience of being held by God. To discover the possibility of a similar experience with another human being, or even a group of people, in this physical universe was nothing less than amazing."
~ Shikha S., Artist/Teacher


"Jitendra created a space for me to experience a profound understanding of the way energy, emotion and pressure interact within my body, and how I have unconsciously adapted to patterns of survival which have caused my needless suffering.

These rich experiences facilitated by Jitendra have also provided me with the hope and desire to deeply come into my body and experience life more fully."
~ Ed C., Shaman Healer, Musician


"I've studied many different disciplines and taken numerous self-help courses in my life. Unlike any previous experience, Jitendra's work nurtured my loving inner-self to become the inner and outer representation of my core life desires. I'm finally the heart, soul, and physical expression I have hidden for 63 years."
~ Phel S., Art Professor


"I have learned how to deeply trust myself and how to back off from stress in moments of urgency. This is greatly reducing the amount of pressure on my whole nervous system, allowing it to expand and hold the sensitivity that I have discovered is my gift.

I am having far fewer migraines, in fact none since the training!

Jitendra's work has helped me to find that my greatest gift was right in the place I thought was my greatest weakness. This training has allowed me to begin to take the risk of embodying my desire for passionate work. Before, the gap seemed so great between what I was doing and what I could be doing to embody my gifts fully that even imagining it seemed too risky. Now I am imagining it and acting on what I imagine, and there is hope for the future."
~ Sarah C., Counselor

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