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Healing The Great Divide

Intro Presentation

Imagine people coming together, working toward change for the common good of all.  We'll explore how divides we see 'out there,' that feed conflict and hold us back, in fact have their roots deep in our individual, as well as collective, consciousness.

You'll learn what we can do now to be more effective together. This 4-hour experiential journey will demonstrate how to shift the power of influence from 'those people out there' to the core of your personal power within.  Read more...

Global Heart Meditation

6-Month Series

Global Heart MeditationGlobal Heart Meditation is a virtual gathering that nurtures and deepens possibilities for communities at large. This is a heart-centered, embodied meditation and transformative enquiry.  We know that lasting external shifts and changes follow the degree to which we do our internal work.

Our mission is currently focused on Healing The Great Divide, illuminating and fostering awareness of the underlying dynamics that strengthen community coherence, while providing a space for creative imagining of novel solutions and actions that might feed the transformation of our society and our world.

Healing The Great Divide

2-Day Transformatorium

2-day immersion into  deep and profound restoration of dignity to our human experience.  Understand the power and influence of your inner authority and how to embody it.  Acknowledge the brilliance and beauty of who we are and unleash the light, love, passion and illuminated intelligence on that which requires change now—within and inextricably without.  Change within, always and unfailingly leads to change without.

Soul-Body Readings with Jitendra

Intuitive Channelings and Deep Wisdom

Soul-Body ReadingsFew experiences are more inspiring and energizing than having your soul essence reflected and validated. There is a particular ecstasy and internal activation that occurs, especially when the reflection is charged with Love and honoring. There is an existential need and desire to be seen, validated, accepted and understood for who one is.

Jitendra's soul body reading unlocks your deepest essence and reveals what is hidden and holding you back.  Map out how you can step further into your true happiness and joy.    Read more...

Healing The Great Divide

Evolutionary Journey (Year-Long)

Healing The Great DivideThe Healing The Great Divide year-long is an evolutionary journey into how you assemble the stories and myths about who you are, and why they have been so impervious to scrutiny and change.  Best of all we will unlock the doorway to how we can unleash the extraordinary power of transformation for which you are evolutionarily destined to embody.

We can promise an epic journey of mythic proportions into the heart, body and soul of humanity!

Deeper Higher Clearer Mentoring Journey

10-Month Group Mentoring Program

Deeper Higher ClearerIf you could make one change... What would you BREAK THROUGH?  If you desire rapid transformation in a specific area of your life, Deeper Higher Clearer Mentoring Journey might be a fit for you. DHC Mentoring Journey is a highly focused, intensive process that will quickly illuminate the unseen roots of what is in your way and give you a clear skillful pathway to move forward in the area of life you choose.

Our intent is that you emerge from this journey with greater insight, as well as more curiosity and questions, than when you began. Wonder is one of your greatest assets when coupled with your heart. We are excited to lead you into some extraordinary new territory of heart, body, mind and soul.

Core Awakening Journey

Integrated Enlightenment Pathway    (Year-Long)

Core Awakening JourneyCore Awakening Journey is a modern mystery school synergizing ancient wisdom, new science, shamanic vision, breath and somatic process.  This work is designed to deepen and expand as it unfolds with each journey through the training spiral.

Core Awakening Journey teaches you how to gain mastery of your heart as a generator of Divine Love.  With guidance, your heart can naturally and spontaneously harmonize your body, emotions, mind and spirit in a relationship that brings balance and wholeness.

Master your heart, master your life.  

Pia's Healing Room

Experience deep heart healing, purposeful direction and flower into your innate talent and power.  Read more...

Aloha Meditation

Harmonizing walking and sitting meditation.  Deep relaxation, presence, expanded awareness, emotional balance.  Read more...

It's Not Your Fault!

Your Instinctual Survival Zone is a powerful influence on your field of attraction.  Become conscious of this...  Read more...