Core Awakening Journey

Integrated Enlightenment Pathway   -  The Training

"Cor" is Latin for heart.  Core Awakening Journey is a pathway to mastering your relationship with your heart.

Core Awakening Journey
Core Awakening Journey blends ancient and contemporary wisdom,
shamanic insight and cutting-edge science into a living pathway that restores wholeness and dignity to our humanity.

Core Awakening Journey is for those who desire to evolve their experience of just how interconnected we are—interconnected not only with each other, but with all of life, including our planet herself.  This journey is for those who realize and embrace the understanding that conditions and circumstances of a person's outer life are driven from within.

The more integrative the internal transformation, the greater the impact in one's outer world.

Core Awakening Journey is for those who recognize that our planet is in an accelerating transition and demands our participation in order to recover sustainability by restoring the value and dignity of life above all else. This work is for those who recognize the value of personal transformation while engaging in ways to grow and strengthen community, at whatever scale fits their gifts, skills and desire to make a difference.

Core Awakening Journey is for those who value a pathway to embodying authentic, purposeful and heart-centered expression. Real freedom comes with the certainty that our presence alone is a valuable contribution. This is the foundation for authentic trust, trust that allows space for everyone to be themselves in a new social ecology, where diversity is appreciated for the balance and creative tension it provides. A world that works for all will be built on this new paradigm of trust that nurtures appreciation for all of life.

Core Awakening Journey is for those who are courageous and passionate about evolving themselves while engaging the world. In this way, we will imagine—and create—ways of living that are sustainable, just and fulfilling for all.

Core Awakening Journey, like your life, is an ongoing journey of unfoldment. Core Awakening Journey is one training divided into three movements, each movement addressing a different dynamical perspective of the whole. Dynamics of evolutional development, are explored and re-explored in spiralic fashion. Each time you move through the Core Awakening Journey sequence you emerge with greater mastery, higher consciousness, deeper embodiment. Realize a more profound connection with your self/Self, your relationship to your world and with God/Source/Tao.

The Core Awakening Journey teaches you how to gain mastery of your heart as a generator of Divine Love. Your heart naturally and spontaneously harmonizes your body, emotions, mind and spirit in a relationship that is balanced and whole.

Master your heart, master your life.

Appreciation For Our Work

"Most enlightening, and that is no platitude. Truly opening the heart center in a subtle, yet profound way, the ALOHA process is revelatory and an inexhaustible resource. Without a doubt, this course is not to be missed. A completely utterly real experience."
~ Walter C., Retired


"This experience overall was phenomenal ... an abbreviated/abridged version of an entire lifetime of work. Jitendra translated years of vague question and answering into a concise and direct journey. I can only relate this experience of being held in unconditional love to the experience of being held by God. To discover the possibility of a similar experience with another human being, or even a group of people, in this physical universe was nothing less than amazing." ~ Shikha S., Artist/Teacher


"During the Core Awakening Journey, Jitendra created a space for me to experience a profound understanding of the way energy, emotion and pressure interact within my body, and how I have unconsciously adapted to patterns of survival which have caused my needless suffering.

These rich experiences facilitated by Jitendra have also provided me with the hope and desire to deeply come into my body and experience life more fully."
~ Ed C., Shaman Healer, Musician


"I've studied many different disciplines and taken numerous self-help courses in my life. Core Awakening Journey, unlike any previous course, nurtured my loving inner-self to become the inner and outer representation of my core life desires. I'm finally the heart, soul, and physical expression I have hidden for 63 years." ~ Phel S., Art Professor


"I have learned how to deeply trust myself and how to back off from stress in moments of urgency. This is greatly reducing the amount of pressure on my whole nervous system, allowing it to expand and hold the sensitivity that I have discovered is my gift.

I am having far fewer migraines, in fact none since the training!

Core Awakening Journey has helped me to find that my greatest gift was right in the place I thought was my greatest weakness. This training has allowed me to begin to take the risk of embodying my desire for passionate work. Before, the gap seemed so great between what I was doing and what I could be doing to embody my gifts fully that even imagining it seemed too risky. Now I am imagining it and acting on what I imagine, and there is hope for the future."
~ Sarah C., Counselor

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