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"I've studied many different disciplines and taken numerous self-help courses in my life. Core Awakening Journey, unlike any previous course, nurtured my loving inner-self to become the inner and outer representation of my core life desires. I'm finally the heart, soul, and physical expression I have hidden for 63 years."
~ Phel S., Photographer and Art Professor, San Diego


"Words are insufficient to describe how profound and powerful the work of Core Awakening Journey is as this is work that must be experienced!
For me, making intimate connection and contact with my heart and emotional body, and having the tools to integrate my emotional experiences, has afforded me more peace, love, respect and compassion for myself and my life and how it has unfolded. I am deeply grateful for this work and wish to see it touch many more souls as it has, and continues to deeply and positively impact mine!

Namaste, with much Love and ALOHA."
~ Brenda Bernardin, Owner Beauty Evolution, San Diego, CA


"A powerful process for accessing your inner truth through love. A gentle way of learning how to generate internal warmth that attracts all that you desire."
~ Kennedy Melody, Consultant/Designer, La Mesa, CA


"I learned to trust my heart for the first time in my life. I have brought this trust into all areas of my life, which has transformed my personal and business relationships in a significant way. I am attracting the right clients and doing the work I love.

The training and learning to trust my heart also helped to guide me toward my true life purpose, and not that which I thought I should do. This has led to greater financial success and work satisfaction."
~ Leslie Clarke, Business Consultant, Rancho Santa Fe, CA


"Most enlightening, and that is no platitude. Truly opening the heart center in a subtle, yet profound way, the ALOHA process is revelatory and an inexhaustible resource. Without a doubt, this course is not to be missed. A completely utterly real experience."
~ Walter C., Retired


"I discovered Core Awakening Journey and as a result, I have fallen in love with myself...I now feel safe in the world, and know that whatever comes into my life is a gift... Before Core Awakening Journey, I thought I had to have romantic love. Now, I am love.

Core Awakening Journey has also lessened my experience of pain in my body.  Jitendra showed me how to decrease my painful MS symptoms by teaching me how to breathe differently. Even though my pain still comes and goes, I don't feel like a victim of it. I can change it."
~ Susan Lamb, Author, San Diego, CA


"In the past, my Spiritual Path was about connecting to the All in me. Core Awakening Journey provided the piece that I sensed was missing, but could not name - the experience of really bringing that connection home into my physical body.

My experience of what it is to be human is forever transformed. Thank you, Jitendra."
~ Greg Betts, Greg Betts & Associates, Rancho Santa Fe, CA


"Core Awakening Journey has helped me discover where I'm holding back in my life and why. But best of all, it taught me how to alchemize that energy and integrate those fixations into a loving creative space, into which I can fully express myself and live a more authentic and fulfilling life."
~ Beth Bolwerk, Singer, San Diego, CA


"I have found a new space for self-love in my body. I can witness my emotional waves and not be overwhelmed. I also have more capacity to love others right where they are without trying to fix them. I have a new awareness of the energy in my body.

If you want to transform your life experience from fear into unconditional love then try Core Awakening Journey. Core Awakening Journey has shifted my body in a much more expanded way that I truly feel in the cells of my body."
~ Wes Burton, San Diego, CA


"This experience overall was phenomenal ... an abbreviated/abridged version of an entire lifetime of work. Jitendra translated years of vague question and answering into a concise and direct journey.

I can only relate this experience of being held in unconditional love to the experience of being held by God. To discover the possibility of a similar experience with another human being, or even a group of people, in this physical universe was nothing less than amazing."
~ Shikha S., Artist/Teacher, Philadelphia, PA


"I got clear on the most important relationship in the world, and that is the one of myself to myself. I got real world tools to continuously expand my ability to receive and give love. I am so much more calm about myself and the world I operate in. My capacity to love has gone to new depths in my body.
This training is real and validates the human experience.”
~ Jorge Valenzuela, Professional Soccer Coach, Seattle, WA


"I am in a space of deep it is hard to put into words the amazing gifts [Jitendra] brought to the [session] – a huge heart, diverse wisdom, intuitive gifts and a somatic/kinesthetic sense of things are some words that come to mind. I came into the call wanting to “kill off” some of my intuitive/empathic gifts because I didn’t understand how to work with them effectively. I left the call with clarity and inner peace about how to honor and use my empathic gifts. Thanks Jitendra – you ROCK!!"
~ Marilyn Levin; Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Trainer; Texas


"During the Core Awakening Journey, Jitendra created a space for me to experience a profound understanding of the way energy, emotion and pressure interact within my body, and how I have unconsciously adapted to patterns of survival which have caused my needless suffering.

These rich experiences facilitated by Jitendra have also provided me with the hope and desire to deeply come into my body and experience life more fully."
~ Ed C., Shaman Healer, Musician


"I have learned how to deeply trust myself and how to back off from stress in moments of urgency. This is greatly reducing the amount of pressure on my whole nervous system, allowing it to expand and hold the sensitivity that I have discovered is my gift.

I am having far fewer migraines, in fact none since the training!

Core Awakening Journey has helped me to find that my greatest gift was right in the place I thought was my greatest weakness. This training has allowed me to begin to take the risk of embodying my desire for passionate work. Before, the gap seemed so great between what I was doing and what I could be doing to embody my gifts fully that even imagining it seemed too risky. Now I am imagining it and acting on what I imagine, and there is hope for the future."
~ Sarah C., Counselor

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