Aloha Practice

Daily Meditations

Unconditional Love In Action

The ALOHA Radiance Practice™ is a step-by-step practice that shifts your body out of fear-based reactivity and into empowered responsiveness and compassionate presence. It restores your capacity to feel that you have a choice. The ALOHA Radiance Practice reorganizes your whole being to align, attune and awaken into your true nature.

ALOHA Radiance MeditationThe evolutionary impulse of our time is toward a new paradigm where human bodies are coded to protect from Love rather than fear. The effect of ALOHA Radiance is unconditional Love in action for yourself and everyone around you. In ALOHA Radiance, you are free from fear and separation. In ALOHA Radiance, you are connected through the power of Love, a force as real as gravity.

Love is a field of force that harmonizes all other fields. It's why love is always the answer, though sometimes it's hard to trust that belief. ALOHA Radiance is a way to KNOW LOVE in your body, not just your head. ALOHA Radiance is calisthenics for your heart. The more you exercise it, the stronger and more responsive it gets.

The steps are easy to learn and most people experience immediate benefits. ALOHA Radiance is also profoundly deep and, like a martial art, can take you a lifetime to plumb its depths. ALOHA Radiance restores and deepens your pathways to mastering the art and science of consciously living the life you choose.

Gain an indepth experience of ALOHA Radiance through the Core Awakening Journey.

Why Daily?

It takes time and repetition to "rewire" neural pathways so that your mind, body and heart adapt new habits that feel easy and natural. Most importantly, when challenges intensify, it's your daily practice that transforms the ancient survival programming that traps you in replaying old patterns, over and over. Daily practice is key to every successful pathway to mastery, especially where your body is involved.

Benefits of ALOHA Radiance

The beauty and power of ALOHA Radiance Practice is that it can be used as both sitting and walking meditation, in quietude or in the midst of any activity. Many people already have a meditation practice they love and have enhanced their existing practice with ALOHA Radiance principles. Here are some immediate, as well as long-term, benefits and results:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Strengthen presence of being
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Calm, focused mind
  • Expanded consciousness/awareness
  • Deepened capacity to experience pleasure
  • Deepen self-acceptance
  • Emotional balance
  • Restore balance to breathing

Sitting Meditation

Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes (up to 60 minutes), at least once a day, for your sitting meditation. In the morning upon rising is optimal. Your body/mind is most receptive at this time and it will set a clear tone tone for your day. (If your morning time is already tight, nudge your alarm clock a few minutes earlier.) However, you know your time and body best, so do what works for you to make this practice consistent.

Create a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Turn phones off and make a loving request to your family for this time. Perhaps they'll join you. Sit comfortably. You don't get extra points for enduring pain while pretzeling yourself into a lotus. Sitting upright on a chair or couch with your feet on the floor works just fine if that's what your body needs. It's your choice whether to have complete silence or faint background music, or nature soundtrack, if you live in a noisy environment.

Guided Meditation

Enjoy a taste of freedom with ALOHA Radiance!   Access a dose of deep peace.  In just moments, you will feel a profound shift into deeper connection and a brighter, happier awareness.  Try it, you'll love it!  We'll be posting a guided Aloha Radiance meditation soon.  Watch your email for the invitation.

Pathway to Freedom

ALOHA Radiance Practice brings you freedom.  It awakens and expands both awareness of your essential nature and your sensory capacity with your body. It strengthens your connection to your heart and balances you emotionally. Your ALOHA Radiance Practice will lead you to a full spectrum experience of wholeness.


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