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Imagine Good For All

HI-Mini-Logo-bdr-125 hólos (ancient Greek; the root of 'whole')

HoloRising Institute is a new wave of process that merges individual with collective transformation. In the same way that personal growth and awakening improves and empowers our individual lives and relationships, the growing emergence of 'We process' transforms and awakens community relationships and social structures. HoloRising Institute supports this evolutionary destiny — the emerging impulse of wholeness rising. Imagine good for all as we transform our world for good.

Life on Earth thrives as a matrix of deeply inter-connected systems. Ancient wisdom, supported by current science, regards our planet as a whole living organism. Attuning with the rhythms and structures of this web of life as a whole system, we become happier, healthier and more resilient in our personal lives, as well as in our businesses, organizations and communities. Each supports the well being of the other.

Not only are individuals awakening to the power of conscious connection to self and others; organizations, at all scales, are awakening to the strength and resilience of discovering how to utilize their collective creative resource of their entire populations. Healthy diversity insures flexibility, strength and adaptability—individually and collectively.

HoloRising Institute (HI) programs accelerate your ability to actualize the foundation of your core essence and endowed gifts. Hearts are hungry for happiness and fulfillment that stay steady, even as the world shakes from big changes beyond any one individual's control. HI programs teach mastery of the balance and agility required to dive into life's uncertainties with enthusiasm and confidence. Organizations will discover that they too thrive from the integration of these elements.

Now is the time to bring the insight and freedom of spiritual awareness and awakening into both, your relationships and your work in the world. Merging mastery of relationship with purpose-driven work creates fertile ground for you to enhance your contributions for yourself, your family, community and business.

Businesses, organizations and communities are increasingly successful as they learn to respect and effectively utilize the full spectrum of their human resources. Whole systems thinking is rapidly rising as a way of understanding how to build healthy, robust and agile organizations.  Whole system principles dictate that an organization thrives when its culture is aligned and coherent its their mission and values.

Awakened individuals are strong proponents of cultural coherence and generate awakened organizations.  Awakened organizations have the power to influence and transform one-sided social and economic systems and institutions into models of social justice and good for all.

HoloRising Institute catalyzes and facilitates transformation with individuals and organizational cultures.  As we evolve the quality of our relationships—how we value ourselves, each other and the planet upon which we depend for our existence—we discover our common ground, where we connect heart-to-heart. From this foundation, we more effectively implement the changes needed for all of life to thrive.

For a deeper understanding of HoloRising Institute, attend a Healing The Great Divide intro presentation.

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