An Epic Game Changers presentation ...

It's Time To Fulfill Our Evolutionary Destiny


Imagine a world in which people of diverse values work together for the greater common good

Imagine a world united in Love, rather than warring in fear

Imagine good for all

Pia & Jitendra by the bay

Soul-Body Readings

by Jitendra

Unlock your deepest essence, reveal what is hidden and holding you back. Map out how you can step further into your true happiness and joy.

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Hand Analysis with Pia 

Discover what your hand divulges about your Life Purpose and Life Lesson. Gain a deeper understanding of your authentic relationship style, your strengths and your challenges. Your hands and fingerprints are a map, steering you along your pathway to true fulfillment.

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"All relationships are founded on One...the one with your Self ."

~ Jitendra

  • Transform your life at every level—emotional, spiritual, creative, relationship...
  • Clarify and connect with your life purpose
  • Transform your career, business or organization
  • Grow your confidence, trust and inner peace
  • Uncover the freedom, happiness and fulfillment living within you
  • Transform your world from the inside out!


Join us for our weekend heart-centered, embodied, healing workshop.

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& Gratitude

"I am in a space of deep gratitude as it is hard to put into words the amazing gifts Jitendra brought to the session – a huge heart, diverse wisdom, intuitive gifts and a somatic/kinesthetic sense of things are some words that come to mind.  I came into the call wanting to “kill off” some of my intuitive/empathic gifts because I didn’t understand how to work with them effectively.  I left my session with clarity and inner peace about how to honor and use my empathic gifts. Thanks Jitendra – you ROCK!!"

~ Marilyn Levin Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Trainer Texas


"I discovered Core Awakening Journey and as a result, I have fallen in love with myself...I now feel safe in the world, and know that whatever comes into my life is a gift... Before Core Awakening Journey, I thought I had to have romantic love. Now, I am love.

Core Awakening Journey has also lessened my experience of pain in my body.  Jitendra showed me how to decrease my painful MS symptoms by teaching me how to breathe differently. Even though my pain still comes and goes, I don't feel like a victim of it. I can change it."

~ Susan Lamb, Author, San Diego, CA

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